• El presupuesto participativo

    Es una vía directa que abre el Ayuntamiento de Pedreguer para que los vecinos y vecinas puedan participar activamente en la elaboración del presupuesto municipal. Con esta iniciativa se pretende profundizar en la gestión de los mecanismos democráticos en el ámbito local, mediante la implicación de la ciudadanía en el proceso de toma de decisiones sobre las inversiones municipales.

  • ¿Quién puede participar?

    Cualquier persona puede presentar los proyectos que considere valiosos para Pedreguer, a través del formulario habilitado en esta web o, también, en los puntos que se instalarán en el edificio del Ayuntamiento, en el Centro Social, en el Polideportivo y en la Casa de Cultura. Para la fase posterior, de votación pública, será necesario estar empadronado/a y tener 16 años cumplidos.

  • ¿Cómo funciona?

    El proceso comprende una primera fase de información y recogida de propuestas ciudadanas. Estas propuestas serán objeto de un análisis previo de viabilidad técnica para identificar las acciones susceptibles de someterse a votación pública. El Ayuntamiento incluirá las propuestas más votadas en el presupuesto municipal de 2019.


1. What is participatory budgeting?

The municipal participatory budgeting program is an initiative which the town of Pedreguer launched in 2012 with the aim of promoting new participatory democracy mechanisms to engage people in the public policy decision-making process.


Taking into account direct opinions of community members while planning budget spending is not, at least not yet, an obligation for local authorities. Therefore, talking about participatory budgeting is a new step forward in the democratic management of public funds.


Pedreguer’s bet, in this regard, to foster a shared set of guidelines between government and citizens, aims to achieve higher levels of political and civic co-responsibility.


One more year, the Town Hall is inviting residents to make proposals for actions they consider to be a priority for the municipality and, in the later stage, to vote on the proposals that have been selected among those submitted.


Proposals must relate to municipal investment and must be aimed at improving the town of Pedreguer. The initiatives will be assessed by the municipal technical service team and those that are viable will be subject to a public vote. The Town Council will include the proposals which gain the most votes in the following municipal budget.  

2. Who can participate?

In making a proposal : Anyone.


In voting: All residents registered in Pedreguer, aged 16 or over.  

3. What are we participating in?

This initiative is focused on the municipal budget which, by law, all local authorities must develop and approve annually. This budget outlines and quantifies the Municipal Government’s spending program and use of available financial resources. The budget also provides information needed to monitor local government financial management and serves to improve the design of future public policies.


The municipal budget (any municipal budget) is based on the idea of balance between expected revenues and planned expenditures. It is expressed in accounting language and is developed within a legal framework (budgetary stability, rule of spending, adjustment plans, ...).


The process of preparing a municipal budget is complex. It is a convergence not only of mandatory legal requirements but also other governance dynamics, such as expenses related to the provision of municipal services, maintaining existing infrastructure and / or execution of projects related to prior commitments. These unavoidable factors cause a significant restriction of leeway in terms of financial management of available resources.


For this reason, the introduction of mechanisms to allow community members to participate in developing the municipal budget must take two complementary paths:


- INFORM the public about what the municipal budget is, how it is developed and and what the variables which condition the public accounts in Pedreguer are.


- CONSULT community members on those areas of public spending which merit the greatest citizen involvement (chapter 6, corresponding to investments), inviting them to develop proposals and then to vote on the top projects.  

4. How and where do we participate?

With the aim of encouraging maximum participation in the project there is a website, www.pedreguerparticipa.com, where residents can access all of the information related to the participatory budgeting process (invitations to meetings, the list proposals, general rules of the program, ...). This website also forms an active part of the process as residents can use the online form to make proposals and then, in the second phase, vote on the top projects during the public voting phase.


In addition, the Town Council has set up points in municipal buildings where any resident, regardless of their ability to connect to the internet can take part in the initiative.  

5. How will the proposals be selected?

The municipal technical service team will consider the proposals according to the following criteria:


1. The proposals are within municipal jurisdiction.


2. They are investments (Chapter 6 of the municipal budget).


3. They are not projects that have already been carried out or are awaiting approval.


4. They are technically and legally feasible.


5. The estimated cost does not exceed the amount available.


6. They can be developed within the same financial year.


7. Any maintenance costs can be met.


The set of proposals considered to be viable will be subject to a public vote. Any resident can consult all of the proposals submitted, as well as the reasons for their inclusion or not in the voting process, at www.pedreguerparticipa.com  

6. Will the results be made public?

Yes. Both the final count of the vote and the results obtained in the intermediate stages (initial collection of proposals and technical validation) are subject to maximum transparency, facilitating information at all times through the web page.


In addition to the above and after the final vote there will be a public meeting to discuss the information obtained during the process, with respect to both participation levels and the type of proposals which were suggested by participants. Furthermore, the purpose of this meeting is to make clear how the chosen actions will become part of the budget for the following year.  

7. Can you remind me to participate in each phase?

Yes. Whoever wishes to be informed of the evolution of the process can subscribe to our mailing list through www.pedreguerparticipa.com  

8. Can I make suggestions and ask questions about how to improve the participatory budgeting process?

Yes of course. All residents can sign up to our contact list on the following website: info@pedreguerparticipa.com


All residents registered in Pedreguer, aged 16 or over can vote

Questions: info@pedreguerparticipa.com